Twitter Fest #ReproducibilityWeekR4E

The past week was characterised by huge activity in the Twitterverse by the Reproducibility for Everyone group. Angela Abitua from Addgene, along with eLife Ambassadors, Nafisa Jadavji and Mariella Paul, lead a Twitter campaign in lead up to the Reproducibility workshops that will be taking place at the 22nd Penn State Plant Biology Symposium and ASM Microbe 2019 in Pennsylvania and San Francisco respectively.

The week kicked off on Monday, 10 June. At that stage the @repro4everyone Twitter handle had around 30 followers. By Friday that number had grown to 154 followers!

Here is a quick look at the topics that were covered:

  • Monday: Intro to the R4E group
  • Tuesday: Data management and electronic lab notebooks
  • Wednesday: Wet lab protocols and reagent sharing
  • Thursday: Bioinformatics tools and data sharing
  • Friday: Image and data analysis

Several polls were run throughout the week. Here are some examples:

We’d like to thank everyone who joined this week’s awareness campaign around Reproducibility in Research and look forward to grow our community over the next months.