Levelling Up: Reproducibility for Everyone

Where is Reproducibility for Everyone heading in 2019? The authors talks briefly about a number of capacity development activities that was run in 2017/2018 and invites the community to get involved as they ramp up in 2019.

Their major goals for this year include:
  • Grow our overall group, including workshop facilitators, along our principles of diversity and inclusion.
  • Increase the quality, quantity and subject areas of our material including presentation modules, posters, webinars, recordings, university teaching tools, and our website.
  • Generate extensive training material and opportunities for group members who wish to participate in workshops and poster events.
  • Continue to teach workshops in our local institutions and at conferences. Among many other locations, we will be at ASM Microbe 2019 and IS-MPMI 2019.
  • Build collaborations to help disseminate information, tools, and materials on reproducibility created by ourselves and others.
  • Attract additional funding to enable a sustainable framework for achieving our mission of

The article was first published on eLife. Please read the full post there.