Resource Map

About the Resource Mapping

Classification and categorisation of resources are really hard and very subjective. We know some of the resources will be placed in categories that may not make sense to you. Therefore we provide this map below to show you what to expect when you are searching for resources.

Getting Started

Learn what reproducibility in research is, what types of reproducibility should be considered, why we care, and where to start with reproducible research practices.

Referencing & Citations

Keeping properly track of your references and citing sources correctly are critical to making your research reproducible.

Planning Research

Are you at the start of a project? Want to build reproduciblity in right from the beginning? Learn about data management plans, pre-registration, and more...

Experimental Reproducibility

Learn how Research Resource Identifiers, electronic lab notebooks, published protocols, and other tools and practices can enhance experimental reproducibility.

Sharing & Collaboration

From data sharing to writing collaboratively, there are loads of tools and resources that enables reproducibility in collaborative research.

Analysis & Computation

Creating reproducible analyses and environments, doing and reporting correctly on stats and choices, the value of version control. Learn about resources that can make the analysis and computing part of your project more reproducible.